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Do Your Actions Reflect Your Goals?

development goal setting-resized-600A few weeks ago, I was eating in the break room at my job. (I am a personal trainer at a gym.) And to be completely honest, though we are in a fitness environment,  not everybody eats the healthiest.  Actually I have seen some pretty questionable food choices, but typically I keep my focus on my food and comments to myself. This one particular day, one of co-workers was eating at the same time, and talking to me about this 30 day resolutions challenge that she was a part of. She was explaining this all the while eating her lunch of some cheesy soup and greasy pizza. I kinda raised an eyebrow at her choice of foods, and she explained that she would eat it over the course of the day. I’m thinking to  myself, “mmmm hmmm.” But clearly I don’t believe that she is serious…her actions don’t match her words.

If you are living a certain way or really trying to accomplish a goal. Your actions should speak to that goal. Your words won’t be necessary because actions are in fact louder than words. When I’m eating or grocery shopping, though I might be chillin’ happily in my own world, people will come and see what I have. They think that there are gonna catch me with something…not sure what. This past Saturday one of my friends saw me at the grocery store and started rummaging through my cart (which contained mainly fruits and veggies.) People really don’t understand,  this is truly how I live. My actions speak for my lifestyle.

You REALLY have to drill into your head that any goal or change will require a subsequent action. You cannot do the exact same things and expect different outcomes. I’m sure everyone knows the definition of insanity. If you want a new job, update your resume, go to networking events, and start the leg work. If you want to save money, quit shopping at every sale, create a budget, and stick to it. If you want to lose weight, slowly start to eliminate fast, fatty, and processed foods, get up and exercise,  and eliminate your triggers for previous unhealthy behaviors. All of my examples are concrete actions, but they are so necessary if you want to change.


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The Power of Goals

I just wanted to take a moment and brag on one of my clients. I met her and started training with her last year. At that time I could that she wanted to make a change phsically, but hadn’t made the same committment mentally. You can honestly do all the exercising in the world, but unless and until you resolve the issues that surround your weight issues, you will not hit your goals.

Anyways, she and I had a little groove going, but then she fell off for a few months. At the beginning of this year though, she started back hard (like most resolutioners do), but there was something different about her disposition. Her energy seemed lighter and she definitely seemed resolved to lose the weight. So of course, I was ready and willing to do my part. And we started working out again, and I gave her some food pointers, and she was 100% on board with the process. (I was loving her.)

I had found out that she had never been on an airplane or taken a trip. Well early in this journey, she told me that she was going to go to the Essence Festival in Atlanta THIS YEAR and that she was going to get down to a size 16 before she went. (She started out at a size 22.) I spoke to her yesterday, a short 6 months later, and she told me that she was down to a size 16 and had all of her accomodations booked for the Essence Festival. I was super stoked for her!

Setting BIG goals and doing what you must to hit them can seriously boost your self confidence that just about anything is possible…and anything really is possible!

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Get Into Action Wednesdays

On Wednesdays, Monique and I post a meal plan and exercise routine to help you get excited about embracing a vegan lifestyle.

Meal Plan

Breakfast: Donut holes & smoothie of choice

Lunch: Beans, Greens & Rice from Vegan Cooking with Love

Dinner: Lemon Angel Hair Pasta with White Beans & Basil from Vegan Cooking With Love


Workout (repeat each exercise 4x):
Regular planks 20-40 secs
Robot push ups 10 reps on each side
Floor jacks 10 reps

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Question and Answer Session

Someone in one of my Facebook groups asked me a bunch of questions. I figured I would share my responses here…

Do you think your genetics has a lot to do with you getting to your six-pack? We all have the same basic template as humans. Uncovering the 6-pack that is there has more to do with your DIET and your lifestyle choices. We ALL have the muscles. It just becomes a question of how defined are your muscles. And how much fat do u have on top of the muscles. But we all have the possibility to show them…as long as you haven’t done major damage or severely stretched out your skin.

How about your build or body type? The density of your bones or your build might be slightly different, but we all start with the same basic skeleton with the same muscles placed on top.

Has prior athletic activities growing up been the foundation? I didn’t become athletic til abt 3 years ago! I was more into studying than sports…though I did play some with family. Just nothing that shaped the way I live now.

Does age or child-birth impact the time it takes to see them? Age will affect metabolism and maybe how long it takes to burn fat. So maybe. And child birth…maybe. But that depends on how active you were before and after the baby came. Different women will have different experiences.

How long is realistic to actually see the rips or definition? I cannot answer this. Sooo case by case. Different fat percentages, metabolisms, level of activity. There is no number that I can assign.

Is it primarily the eating or food choices? Yes and yes. How many times a day u eat and what u eat will help rev your metabolism and put u in fat burning mode. the exercise regimen? exercise…abt 15-20% But mainly diet.

What has been your personal experience in your journey on this aspect of transforming your body? I have had so many experiences, milestones, and mini transformations. But right now, I am the healthiest I have ever been. My body feels clean from the inside out. And along with the weight that has lifted from my physical body, I have also lifted weight from my mental and spiritual being. I have gotten rid of many unhealthy behaviors, relationships, and ppl from my life. And that has made me grow as a person.

I started my journey 3.5 years ago. The things that I have accomplished thus far has been more of a marathon of sorts…not a 5k. You guys are going thru these missions that r weeks long…what I did with my transformation took years. I just NEVER lost site of the bigger picture of being healthier, and my mind, body, and spirit have changed bc of it.

Do not get frustrated by the lil bumps. And DO realize that this stuff takes time. Take the time and acknowledge what u have accomplished and not place so much stock in what u have left to do.

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Get Into Action Wednesday

On Wednesdays, Monique and I post a meal plan and exercise routine to help you get excited about embracing a vegan lifestyle.

Meal Plan

Breakfast: Blueberry Pecan Crispy Muffins from Tofu Guru

Lunch: Lemony Pasta Salad from The Naked Kitchen

Dinner: Jerk Sloppy Joes with Coconut Creamed Spinach from The PPK


Workout Routine


each set adds up to the number 15
1 push up, 14 burpees
2 push ups, 13 burpees
3 push ups, 12 burpees
14 push ups, 1 burpees
(just try not to pass out!)

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Get Into Action Wednesday

On Wednesdays, Monique and I post a meal plan and exercise routine to help you get excited about embracing a vegan lifestyle.

 Meal Plan

Breakfast: Vegan Bacon, Potato, and Green Onion Frittata from Choose Veg

Lunch: Raw Zucchini Pasta from No Meat Athlete

Dinner: Hippie loaf from Happy Herbivore, steamed mixed vegetables and mashed potatoes (use soymilk/plain almond milk instead of dairy; vegan margarine instead of butter)


(repeat 3x):
Walkout pushup (modify the push up if needed)
Plank- 10-60 sec (depending on core strength)
Side plank- 10-20 sec
Reverse crunch- 10 reps

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Get Into Action Wednesday

Each Wednesday Monique (Brown Vegan) and I put out a vegan meal plan and workout routine that families can easily duplicate. Be sure to check in for some good ideas!

Meal Plan

Breakfast: Breakfast Bars from Elana’s Pantry and fresh fruit

Lunch: Thai Style Spring Rolls from

Dinner: Lentil and Wild Rice Bowl from Daily Garnish




15 Bear Crawls (forward and back)
15 Mt. Climbers (each side)
15 Wacky Jacks
15 Floor Jacks

Repeat 3 times

Check out Monique’s blog here…

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